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Top 3 Best Canon Fisheye Lens

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canon fisheye lens 8 -15 mm f/4L USM

Many users and reviewers across the web compare Canon fisheye lenses with the ones designed by its fierce competitor Nikon. Not only that Canon fisheyes are cheaper, but apparently they are better, which makes them preferred by professional photographers from around the world. Is it really like that? We have our 5 Best Nikon Fisheye Lens List to compare this post with and make the best decision according to your photographic needs and preferences.

Now let’s cut it short and see what the best Canon Fisheye Lens is in 2015.

3. Canon Fisheye Lens New FD 15mm f/2.8 – Old School is Back

FD 15mm Canon fisheye Lens
New FD 15 mm f/2.8 Canon Fisheye Lens – Old School is Cool

Product Highlights

The new FD 15 mm f/2.8 Canon Fisheye shouldn’t be confused with the older version of it – the Canon Lens Fish-eye FD 15 mm f/2.8 S.S.C.

Name: New FD 15mm f/2.8 Lens.

Type: full-frame fisheye.

Price:  N/A.

General Specs for FD 15 mm f/2.8 Canon Fisheye

  • Focal Length: 15 mm.
  • Maximum Aperture: f/2.8.
  • Angle of View: 180 degrees (diagonal only).
  • Minimum Focusing Distance: 0.7 ft. (0.2 m)
  • Lens Construction: 10 elements in 9 groups.
  • Diaphragm: Automatic.
  • Weight: 460 g.


  • It delivers high quality of image in low light conditions due to its fast speed.
  • It incorporates four built-in revolving filters (Sky, 01, Y3 and R1) which are easy to switch.
  • Great for color photography.
  • Its closest focusing distance of 0.7 ft. makes it ideal for sharp close-up photos.
  • It comes with a flower-shaped hood designed to protect the surface of the lens and keep out stray light.
  • Compatible with all Canon AE SLR Cameras.


  • Difficult to find online.

2. Canon Fisheye Lens 15mm f/2.8 EF – The Sharpest Canon Fisheye

Canon EF 15 mm Fisheye Lens – Second Best

Product Highlights

This Canon fisheye is one of the most popular fisheyes out there, known for delivering high quality images even at close focusing distances. Even if it is not our no.1 option, it certainly makes for a best buy deal.

Name: EF 15mm f/2.8 Fisheye (EF stands for ‘electronic focus’).

Type: Full-frame lens.

Year: 1987-2011.

Price: $719.99 (new); $598.00 (used).

General Specs for EF 15 mm f/2.8 Canon Fisheye

  • Focal Length: 15 mm.
  • Maximum Aperture: f/2.8.
  • Minimum Aperture: f/22.
  • Angle of View: 180° (diagonal).
  • Focusing distance: minimum distance of 0.7 ft. (0.2 m).
  • Lens Construction: 8 elements in 7 groups.
  • Diaphragm: 5 blades.
  • Weight: 330 g.


  • One of the most lightweight fisheye lens ever designed for professional use.
  • Ideal for traveling.
  • Easy manual focus and outstanding autofocus accuracy.
  • Works great on full-frame digital cameras, as well as on autofocus film cameras
  • Wide-angle lens used for special effects and able to capture broad areas of scenery.
  • It supports high quality close-up shots due to short focusing distance.
  • It comes with a fixed-hood, a case, and a built-in gelatin filter holder.
  • It is fantastic for astronomical images due to its hard infinity focus stop.


  • Shallow depth of field achieved at f/8 and f/16.
  • It has no protective hood.
  • There are some color fringes Canon cameras cannot correct.

    1. Canon Fisheye Lens EF 8-15mm f/4L USM – Our no. 1 Canon Fisheye Choice

canon fisheye lens 8 -15 mm f/4L USM
Canon Fisheye Lens 8 -15 mm f/4L USM – Our Top Choice

Product Highlights

Canon EF 8-15 mm f/4L Fisheye USM is acknowledged as a top option by worldwide photographers. Undoubtedly, t is the most complex fisheye designed by the Japanese manufacturer, providing users with high performance and fine optics.

Name: EF 8-15mm f/4L Fisheye USM Ultra-Wide Zoom

Model/ Year:

Type: circular at 8 mm; full-frame at 15 mm.

Price: $1,249.

General Specs for 8-15 mm Canon Fisheye

  • Focal Length: 8 mm and 15 mm.
  • Maximum Aperture: f/4.
  • Minimum Aperture: f/22.
  • Angle of View: 180° (diagonal, vertical and horizontal).
  • Minimum Focusing Distance: 0.5 ft. (0.15 m).
  • Lens Construction: 14 elements in 11 groups.
  • Weight: 540 g.


  • Ultra-wide zoom lens capable of 180-degree angle of view compatible with all EOS SLR Canon cameras.
  • UD glass providing high clarity and less chromatic aberration.
  • Aspherical lens elements for outstanding image results.
  • Fine optics for professional use.
  • Good performance n low light conditions
  • Quick Autofocusing due to its Ultrasonic motor (USM).
  • Best performance for Canon L-series lenses.
  • Round aperture which makes for a nice blurry background.
  • At the displayed price above it comes with a lens cap, lens hood, and a cleaning kit.


  • Extension tubes and close-up lenses cannot be used with this Canon fisheye lens.

Note: Our top best Canon fisheye lens list doesn’t include older versions of Canon fisheyes as we want to provide readers with fresh and useful information. However, these old-school models haven’t lost their charm, especially for photographers who are collectors too. There stands the Canon Fisheye Lens 7.5 mm f/5.6 S.S.C., circular-image fisheye lens, still available these days.

Widely used to achieve dramatic effects and capture astronomical phenomena, this extremely wide-angle lens is an asset for any photographer interested in equidistant projection fisheye type. The lens works well on all SLR Canon models.

We hope you enjoyed our top selection of best Canon Fisheye Lens. For further reading, you can check out our main article on fisheye culture and photographic use, as well as other interesting resources on our website. If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions to share with us, drop us a line in the comment section below. Until next time, happy shooting everyone!

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