A collective of camera junkies, sifting the web to find and write about the latest camera tech trends! Who doesn’t love the future!

Ester-Davidson-authorEster Davidson

Ester is an art graduate and a long time passionate photographer. She believes portrait photography is the ultimate photographic challenge. To achieve the best results and capture more than just an image, Ester is on a continuous quest to find the best equipment. She is looking to capture the minute telling details about every one of her subjects in one perfect image. When she joined the Future Photographer team, Ester decided to share her knowledge on the best cameras for portrait photography. She also believes that Future Photographer has plenty to teach her in return.

Charlie-Nicholson-authorCharlie Nicholson

An avid techie, Charlie Nicholson is also the father of two lovely kids. Between his web design projects and freelance writing projects, Charlie makes time to provide insightful articles for thefuturephotographer.com. Not only is he keen on slicing through technical details, but he is also a part-time photographer. In his spare time, he spends hours escaping the city and heading to the great outdoors with his family. Charlie believes it is nature that provides the greatest inspiration for his photography projects and takes every chance to try a new camera in his favorite setting. His children are often subjects in Charlie’s photographic endeavors. Charlie is a valued member of our team who’s always there to remind us that practice yields the most satisfying bounties.

Don-Phillips-authorDon Phillips

Don has solid knowledge of photography gained through years of asiduous work ever since his college years. Don’s approach to photography is rather technical as he describes it. Before taking a good photograph, he has to gain full insight on the equipment he is handling. It is this thorough process of gaining know-how that brought Don to the Future Photographer team. He is always keen on sharing his minute insight on any camera he worked with and discussing the outcomes with his readers. Whenever he has the opportunity, Don will also slip in a piece or two on photography editing programs and their less mainstream features. He is thorough and precise. He strongly believes these traits go a long way in structuring creativity.

Amanda-Rickles-authorAmanda Rickles

Amanda is a self-taught photographer who only discovered the depths of the world of photography a couple of years back. She is still a college student, passionate about design and media. Amanda knows she has quite a bundle of photography do’s and don’ts to catch up with. As the ‘baby’ of the Future Photographer team she is striving to do precisely that. She adores scribbling away on her pieces for the Coming Trends and Mobile Camera Insights sections. Amanda feels these are the two themes which keep her well-grounded in her decision to learn everything there is to know about photography with a look on the past and the future as well.