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Polaroid Z2300 Instant Digital Camera Review

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This is how the Polaroid Z2300 looks like in your hands

Remember the days when we all had a tiny Polaroid that we went around taking snapshots with? They were inexpensive, easy-to-use and fun for capturing on-the-spot memories that would ultimately last a lifetime after they were developed. We usually associate these Polaroids with the golden ‘90s, when smartphones didn’t exist and we actually spent more time with our family and friends, while trying to capture the moments.

This is how the Polaroid Z2300 looks like in your hands

However, a few years ago Polaroid launched a new instant digital camera, the Z2300. It maintained the old school status of being easy to use and easy to carry around, but now offers the luxuries of the digitalized world. You can take a snapshot and instantly print it, without needing to download it onto a computer or anything else. Of course, you can afterwards save the pictures in their digital format and upload them on social media. It’s definitely a top pick for the do-it-yourselfers out there who enjoy living the moment and being able to transform it into a memory in an instant. But is this instant digital camera worth its money? How well does it perform? What are the disadvantages? Is it really worth the money and the time? You will be finding all of these out and a lot more in our Polaroid Z2300 instant digital camera review below.

Tech specs

The imaging specs go a little bit like this: 10 Megapixel, 1/3.2” CMOS sensor, and an aspect ratio of 4:3, this instant digital camera allows JPEG file formats for still images and AVI & MJPEG formats for filming. The maximum resolution is not specified by the manufacturer. Regarding the optics, the Z2300 has an EFL: 6 mm (35 mm equivalent: 45.6 mm), 2.4x digital zoom and a focus range of 3.28’ (1 m) – Infinity (normal) and 7.48” (19 cm) – 9.45” (24 cm) – macro. It comes with a built-in flash and presents a maximum effective flash range of 3.94 – 6.89’ (1.2 – 2.1 m). The display is a 3.0” LCD Rear Screen (230,000 px) and it also records videos at 1280 x 720: 30 fps. It ways in at around 264 grams (equivalent to 9.31 ounces), without memory card or battery, and it is 4.6 x 3.0 x 1.4” / 118.0 x 76.0 x 34.6 mm wide and tall. It has a built-in memory of 32 MB and accepts DS and SDHC (max. 32 GB) memory cards.

The pictures will be printed at 2 x 3 inches or 51 x 76 mm (making them rather small – the same size as a business card), using a ZINK printer, ZINK Zero Ink and premium photo paper.

The Pros

Let’s start off with a review of the advantages the Z2300 presents. It has a super cute design, coming in a wide range of colors (such as red, blue, purple, black or white), all decked off with a rainbow strip that covers the upper part of the camera. The fact that you can take it with you, capture a unique moment and then instantly print it is definitely an advantage. Another cool fact is that you can edit your pictures right in the camera without needing to install any other types of software. You can then choose to print your shot on the spot or save the digital image for other uses. As far as the photo paper is concerned, it is high quality and resistant to tears, water and smudges, which makes the pictures last in the long run. The Z2300 even works wonders for business purposes, as it has a Passport Photo mode. You can sive quite a lot of time and money by taking your own passport photos with your own instant digital camera. The mode covers 9 standard passport photo sizes that are accepted in 170 different countries (5x 7 cm, s x 2”, 4.5 x 3.5 cm, 4 x 3 cm, 1.5 x 2.5”, 4.8 x 3.3 cm, 5 x4 cm, 4 x 6 cm and 3.5 x 3.5 cm). Users have also enjoyed its great video features, as it films at 720 p HD quality. You also can print pictures in black and white or a few other shades and print the file number and date on each one. Many users have claimed to have a lot of fun with the camera, as they can get creative and, basically, carpe diem.

The Cons

Unfortunately, like most other instant digital cameras, the Z2300 also has a few disadvantages that you should take into consideration before buying it. As it has just 10 MP, the images might not turn out as quality as you might like them to. Moreover, if you don’t have proper lighting conditions, your snapshots might also not turn out the way you want. With the Z2300 you don’t benefit from image stabilization, and your zoom range is quite restricted. Another obvious disadvantage is the photo size. If you’re looking for a camera that prints large or even standard sized photos on the spot, the Z2300 might not be for you. The printed pictures are about the size of a business card. Likewise, a few users have complained that the Z2300, like many other Polaroids, is rather expensive to maintain. It has also been proven to be quite heavy for a compact camera, literally resembling a brick. Many users have complained that their printed photos turned out dark and lean toward blue shades. Users who are facing heatwaves in the countries they reside have also complained about the bluish outcome of their pics; even though the first set turned out great, the second batch did not. Mac users won’t be very pleased with the Z2300, as the software that comes with the digital camera is not compatible with their operating system.

Final Verdict

The Polaroid Z2300 Instant Digital Camera is certainly defined by one word: fun. Users world-wide agree that it’s great to take with you while traveling, as you can print multiple copies and add cute effects to your pictures. They are also pleased that they can take photos with a different camera and then use the memory card into the Z2300 and print out the pictures, acting like a “portable printing studio”. It is also delightful for taking family photos that you can instantly pass out to family members that you might not see again for a while. If you have a wedding coming up or a children’s birthday party, it also may come in hand, as it takes super pretty snapshots of irreplaceable moments.

On the other hand, you might not want to invest a lot in a camera that doesn’t offer top-notch quality (regarding both the pictures themselves and their printed versions). You can easily purchase it at under $200 dollars, but the printing paper might exceed your budget if you’re looking to use the camera frequently. Nearly every other Polaroid Z2300 instant digital camera review we’ve encountered has pointed that out. Also, even though the blueish printed shades might come off as cool for some users, most of them present it as a main con.

All in all, if you don’t want to become a professional photographer and you feel like a DSLR might be too hard for you to handle, the Polaroid Z2300 is perfect for you. This camera was designed for instantly making memories in a user-friendly way. We recommend it for all the sweet events in life and, of course, for having loads of fun with your loved ones.



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