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How to Choose The Best Photography Classes for Beginners

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Start your photography career by learning how to choose from the best photography classes in 2024. Find out what photography course fits you!
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If you searched for “photography classes near me” at least once, you are certainly in the right place! As a beginner, I know it can be super confusing to choose from all the photography classes that the Internet has to offer. All of them are so flashy and seem like the right choice at first glance. 

You don’t really understand which one is better and what exactly these courses have to offer. Don’t worry, fellow beginners; that’s totally normal! That’s why I’m here—to help you understand your needs, the basics of any class of photography, and how to choose the most relevant for yourself. With this article, I intend to reduce, as much as possible, the number of people who sign up for photography courses and end up regretting it. You’d be surprised to find out how many of these cases have come to my attention lately! 

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Why Should You Consider Taking a Photography Class?

Learning photography is an endless process, especially if you constantly want to improve your skills. Nowadays, the trends change so often, and so many new composition techniques pop up that you can sometimes feel the need for some extra help. And it’s totally normal! 

That’s why so many online courses for beginner photographers have developed over the past few years. The best photography course will help you take your skills to the next level by learning from certified instructors. You can find classes for a certain style of photography, for a specific model of camera or lens, and even online courses that include image editing. So, no matter the field you want to improve in, it shouldn’t be hard to find the perfect class for you.

However, before deciding if you really need to attend photography training, let’s discuss a little about the benefits and drawbacks. As with any other class, you clearly have so much to gain from it, but you should also consider its cons.

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Photography Classes Benefits 

When I was in a position to decide if I wanted to attend a photography class or not, these were the main advantages that made me sign up: 

  • Many photography courses offer a certificate or lead to a degree that you can add to your resume.
  • There are many subjects for you to choose from. From photography basics (the camera parts and how to shoot with a certain model), composition, and image editing to a specific style of photography or technique. Also, you can learn how to use specific gear or how to use specific software. 
  • Moreover, you can choose a photography class that fits your skill level. Opting for a beginner course is important if you are just starting out. Believe me, taking an advanced class when you’re a beginner would be a huge mistake.
  • Usually, the instructors are experienced and also good teachers. Make sure to choose a course taught by a renowned photographer or photography instructor and that they also match your style and personality.
  • Finally, you can find some free online photography classes too.
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Beginner Photography Classes: Drawbacks

When it comes to the disadvantages of photography classes, the main factor is usually the cost. On the other hand, because of the recent high demand, nowadays you can find some options that are budget-friendly and even free. In these cases, however, look out for the following:

  • You should make sure to have access to certain required resources before signing up for a class. For example, many online trainings regarding photo editing require you to have an Adobe Photoshop subscription (which costs).
  • Even when it comes to free photography classes, you usually have to pay for the certificate. Also, keep in mind that a certificate is considered more valuable if it’s offered by a prestigious school/famous online course platform.
  • Last but not least, remember that learning from your own experience and at your own pace can be more rewarding in many cases. A lot of fellow photographers consider self-taught photography to be more cheerful, memorable, and even more effective. So, if you want to start on your own and are interested in product photography, go check out my article about setting up your home photography studio.
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Online Photography Classes Vs. On-Sight 

Online photography classes are one of the best opportunities to learn from a specialist. Also, you can find a lot of photography courses that aren’t very expensive, and you can attend classes from anywhere in the world. That’s certainly the best part of online classes. From lessons on photography for beginners to masterclasses and practical workshops, you can choose from a wide range of classes with different levels of difficulty.

However, no online experience can compare with an in-person photography class. Courses with physical attendance, no matter the subject, provide regular face-to-face interactions where people can engage in natural, spontaneous discussions and develop genuine connections. This can also help to build your professional network because all of your colleagues are interested in photography. Even though there are extra costs associated with in-person classes, the value of getting immediate feedback is much more rewarding.

Online Photography Classes Vs. On Sight 

Best Photography Class in 2024 for You

Last but not least, let’s see how you can choose the best photography class for you. If you searched for “best photography classes” on the Internet, you’d be surprised to see how many tops are already made. However, how exactly do you know which is the most suitable for you? 

You should always start your search by knowing three essential things: your ultimate goal, the type of equipment (camera and camera accessories), and your budget. Also, research a little about any of these courses before signing up. Make sure to find out about the course content, the instructor experience, and the recognition of the institution you want to opt for. Moreover, don’t hesitate to read as many student reviews as possible, and even ask them some further questions if you are able to. Their feedback is the most relevant advice you can receive, believe me!

Finally, I really hope this article was helpful in understanding if you need to attend a photography course and how to choose the best one for yourself. Also, I can’t stress enough that the number of classes you take is not as significant as the application of the knowledge you gain along the way. 



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