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Sony A6000 Review: Pros, Cons and Best Features

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Sony A6000 review

Compact cameras are becoming more popular than ever before, and we hope our Sony A6000 review can help you pick your next one. With the rise of vlogging and amateur filmmaking, the ability to have a high-quality video camera in your pocket is becoming much more desirable. Sony has been jumping into the compact camera market for quite some time with their NEX model cameras.

The A600 is a very popular compact camera that sony has introduced recently. This is an affordable camera that hobbyist can enjoy while still getting amazing quality photos and video. Here’s what it can do.

Sony A6000 review

Sony A6000 Review

Sony has had a great deal of success with their mirrorless cameras in the past. Their NEX-5 and NEX-7 models were very popular within the prosumer market as a backup camera or smaller second shooting option. With the release of the a6000, Sony aimed to create an accessible camera that would still provide very professional photography and video tools to users of this camera. The rugged body design and portability stood out quickly to many consumers who were already intrigued by the other mirrorless options provided by sony. Sony again offered the amazing option of a digital viewfinder which made shooting video in the daylight much easier than most other compact or mirrorless cameras.

The automatic focus features on the a6000 provided many options for on the go photographers. Wildlife photographers and sports photographers were in for a treat with the new 11fps burst mode on this camera. This feature, combined with the amazing autofocus, provides photographers with many more photos to choose from in high-action instances. When reading a Sony a6000 review, you can find that the new AF features on the Sony a6000 utilize up to 90 percent of the sensor. This means for fewer missed moments. There are professional photographers who have gravitated to this camera for events such as weddings and skate competitions.

By reading a Sony a6000 review, you can find that one major issue for videographers with the Sony a6000 is the size. This seems like it wouldn’t be a problem to someone who initially was shooting video on this camera. During normal conditions, shooting video on this camera shows no major issues. However, if you are filming on a hot day, your camera will continually overheat. The size of this camera makes it prone to overheating. Wedding videographers would run into a brick wall with this issue as the busiest time for filming weddings is during the warmest months of the year. However, for those who are only shooting video here and there, this should never pose itself as a major problem.

man using Sony A6000

When reading a Sony a6000 review, you can see that is very similar to the NEX-6. By reading a Sony a6000 review, you can quickly see that this camera is much like what might have been a Sony NEX-6 Mark 2. Reading a Sony a6000 review would let you deduce that the main feature on this camera that is lacking on the NEX-6 is a higher megapixel rating. This is something that may not make a big difference for many users. With zebra tracking as a new feature on the a6000, users will have to worry less about exposure.

Filming with the a600 is great for any video blogger who wants a crisp and professional look to daily videos. With a compact size, the a6000 can be thrown into a backpack or laptop case with ease. When removing the lens, you can easily fit the camera into one pants pocket and the lens into another. For the size of the camera, you are going to find it difficult to have another camera of this size match the cinematic qualities.

When filming with the Sony a6000, some filmmakers may think that the colors are a bit flat. If you are looking to make professional videos with the a6000, it is important that you have the proper post processing tools for color correcting. This will make it easier for you to shoot footage with the a6000 that looks beyond what a camera this size should be able to do. If you want to take your color correcting to the next level, shooting in S-log is a great feature the a6000 offers. When shooting in S-log, you will be able to bump out your colors more than you might have thought originally possible. The best colors come when users shot in log settings. Many users have been amazed that a camera at this price point would offer S-log. To get the best footage possible, take advantage of the S-log feature on this camera.

The hot shoe mount on this camera is a great upgrade that Sony should have done a long time ago. Users can now take advantage of many universal accessories that have been available on different cameras for years. This is a frustrating issue that Sony finally fixed on their a6000 model.

Sony A6000 sample image
Image taken with the Sony A6000.

Sony a6000 Specs

  • 16.5 oz.
  • CMOS sensor.
  • 24.3 Megapixels.
  • APS-C Sensor.
  • Self Cleaning.
  • Full 1080p HD Video.
  • Sony E-Mount.
  • EVF/LCD Viewfinder.
  • 25600 ISO.
  • Built-In Flash.
  • RAW Capture Support.
  • 11FPS Burst Mode.
  • 360 Shot Battery Life.


While the Sony a6000 has been out for a while, it is easy to find a cheaper deal for this camera used than it is new. The body of this camera is going to run you right around $550 USD. However, on sites like Amazon, you can find deals for right around $400 USD. With the kit lens, the MSRP for this camera is $700 USD. With deal available on online stores, you can pick up the a6000 with a kit lense for right around $550 USD. If you are looking to buy this camera used, you will most likely be able to purchase it with a kit lens for just about $400 USD.

By reading this Sony a6000 review, you can see that this camera is a great affordable mirrorless camera that is going to give you amazing photos and video footage. At well under $1,000, you will be able to have a portable camera that can even be used professionally at times. This is a great camera that would be a perfect option for a serious hobbyist or beginning professional.




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