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How to Take a Selfie Like a Pro: 5 Photography Tips to Apply

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woman taking a selfie using a selfie stick

The selfie is a modern art form that has quickly become the go-to photography technique for travelers, foodies, and fashionistas all over the world. However, figuring out how to take a selfie in the best way, and therefore show yourself in the best light, can be a challenge, and a poorly taken one can lead to double chins, dark shadows, and unflattering angles. You might think you knew how to take a selfie before, but with a few simple tips that you can start using today, you’ll be sure to always show your good side.

woman taking a selfie with her camera

How to Take a Selfie – 5 Most Useful Tips

1. Hold the Camera Above Your Head

Shooting a picture from the so-called “worm’s eye view” or low angle has never been the most favorable way to take a photograph. By holding the camera over your head, you can avoid pitfalls like dark shadows, which can accentuate features and make them more severe, and shooting yourself at a straight ahead angle, which can look like a passport photo. Make sure when doing this, though, that your arm is not in the shot too much, making the perspective look awkward and confusing to the eye. It’s all about your face!

2. Keep the Light Behind You

If you’re the kind of person who likes most of your adventures to be outdoors, use of lighting is an essential skill for sharing your experiences with the world. The biggest pitfall that comes with taking an outdoor selfie is the strong light that comes from the bright sun. If you take your photo with the light source behind you, the background will be washed out, leading to more of those treacherous dark shadows. By keeping the sun in front of your face, you can take advantage of the natural light, but be careful about squinting!

3. Use the Rule of Thirds

One of the oldest tricks and techniques in art composition is the rule of thirds. It is rarely beneficial to center your subject, or in this case yourself, in the middle of your photo. Instead, place yourself in the upper left or right corners, imagining that the photograph is divided into three equal parts both vertically and horizontally. Your phone or device may even have a grid setting, which will place a grid over the image and allow you to line yourself up in the shot, which is key to learning how to take a selfie that conveys more movement, grace, and energy.

How to Take a Selfie - rule of thirds in portraiture

4. Don’t Use the Touch Screen Button

You probably know how to take a selfie using the touch screen on your phone, but pressing on the screen will move the entire device, and cause blur and messed up depth-of-field. The good news is that many devices capable of taking photographs can also be activated using the physical buttons on the top or side. Almost all devices and cameras also feature timer functions, which can eliminate touching the device at all, and many wireless shutter buttons are available using a Bluetooth connection to take photos.

5. Stretch Your Neck

This simple technique will eliminate most of the issues you have probably had while learning how to take a selfie. If you have ever opened your front facing camera accidentally, you know that a double chin will become your most prominent feature in a bad picture. To rectify this, stretch your neck and push your head forward no matter where you are shooting from. By getting rid of the potential for a double chin, you can experiment with angles and find out which ones are most complimentary to you and your face shape.

Top Tools for Selfies

Selfie Stick

woman taking a selfie using a selfie stick

There are so many ways to ensure that your photos are as good as possible, and a huge number of tools to help you figure out how to take a selfie that puts your best self forward. If you are serious about taking the ultimate selfie, invest in a good, high-quality selfie stick. One that is retractable will be easy to carry around with you to make sure that you are ready for every moment that needs to be captured.

Editing Apps

before and after editing photos of a woman

There are also many apps which will allow you add filters, fix blemishes and even more. The most useful function you can have in these apps, though, is a good way to crop your photos. By cropping your selfies the correct way, you can make sure you are utilizing the above-mentioned rule of threes, even if you don’t quite know how to take a selfie where you are positioned exactly right. By cropping the photo to put yourself in the optimal position, you can also cut out your arms or anything else that may be distracting to the eye.


portrait of a woman similing

Remember, the most important things in the composition of a selfie is your face. By getting rid of any extraneous items in the shot, such as things in the background or off to the side, you can be sure that the subject of you is on full, rich display. You can even find cheap photo studio backgrounds online.

In today’s world of social media and marketing, it is important to be putting out the best content possible, including selfies that showcase your true self. Your unique viewpoint is more important and more viable than ever, and beautiful photographs help to shape our memories and our lives. By utilizing the above techniques, your followers will be able to truly understand the depth of your experience in the world. Comment and let us know any more tips you have for taking your selfies to the next level!

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