7+ Best Photo Editing Apps for Spotless Facial Retouching

Facetune photo editing app

Do you want to edit smartphone photos like a pro or add a more refined touch to your self-portraits? With these best photo editing apps, you will get impeccable results you could either achieve if editing pictures on your PC/ Mac. What Is the Best Free Photo Editing App for Facial Retouching? While there are tons of top photo editing apps, not all of them are designed to help you fix imperfections like pimples, dry skin, a bad hair day, and … [Read more...]

Best Photo Editing Apps for iPhone in 2015

Best Photo Editing Apps for iPhone in 2015: Instagram

Smartphone photography is getting more and more popular as photo apps for iPhone are easier and more fun to use. With so many apps available, the question is: what is the best one? Based on users’ reviews and personal rating, we’ve put together the following top selection of best photo editing apps for iPhone in 2015. Enjoy cropping, adding filters and effects, as well as personalizing and sharing your photos with the following amazing updated … [Read more...]

Fun Fisheye Lens for iPhone + App Reviews

fisheye lens for iPhone

Are you looking to get creative this summer and make your photography rock with little money and effort? A fisheye lens for your iPhone can do the trick! If you have little or no idea about what fisheye lenses are and what you can achieve by using one in terms of photographic effects, you can check out our comprehensive guide to this fun photo equipment. An iPhone fisheye lens acts like a typical camera fisheye as far as the wide angular … [Read more...]

What’s the Best Point and Shoot Digital Camera for a Beginner? (2015)

The Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX7

It’s easy to find the most appropriate camera you should use, nowadays, with the variety of models available and the improvements that show up almost on a monthly basis. It’s even easier to find a suitable camera for your needs if you’re a photography beginner planning to slowly advance to the use of more complicated photography functions, or if you have limited needs and don’t plan to advance to more complicated techniques whatsoever. There’s no … [Read more...]

The Best Video Camera: An Extensive 2015 Guide

The Canon Ixus 150, in red and grey

Finding the right camera for yourself these days is as much a chore as it is akin to soul-searching. There are so many different versions, with a plethora of specs, strengths and weaknesses to consider, that you might find yourself lost within them and just cave in to the best-looking model. In truth, different camera types are made for different uses, and it’s only up to you in what you’re searching for. Some people might want a compact, … [Read more...]

The Best Digital Camera for Kids in 2015

The VTech Kidizoom in pink

In this day and age, you are going to find many who argue the fact that technology is slowly ruining childhoods. With a lot of kids more entrenched every day into their videogame consoles or smartphones or tablets, these devices can quickly capture all of their attention, and keep them from enjoying old-time outdoor distractions. But technological advancement does have its upsides, and such devices can easily be used for multilaterally … [Read more...]

How to Choose the Best Digital Camera for an Aspiring Pro (in 2015)

Nikon D750

Many amateur photographers dream about becoming professionals one day, and it’s a desire we can all relate to. Photography makes for both an interesting and fun hobby and for a type of art that speaks to virtually everyone: where barriers of language come into play, photography allows anyone with eyesight to understand at least part of the emotion or the idea that the photographer wanted to convey. Sure, the cultural background of each person can … [Read more...]