The Best Digital Camera Reviews in 2015

The Bushnell ImageView HD 118328 binoculars with digital camera.

Feel free to consider this post our brief but consistent list of the best digital cameras reviews from 2015: what’s hot right now, what we’d most recommend to our readers to try out and why. You can also look at it as our community’s “best digital cameras awards” for 2015, and you can rest assured that these digital cameras recommendations will still be top-notch in 2016 and maybe 2017 as well, though we’ll also have separate overviews in the … [Read more...]

Canon Digital Camera Reviews Round-Up 2015

Canon Ixus 155 in various colors

Canon is a major player in the digital camera market, and there is a very high probability that if you ask knowledgeable friends about good price-to-performance cameras you will be pointed towards the Japanese manufacturer. This is mostly because Canon has a good level of variety to its products, covering virtually every photographer’s needs; from the casual and amateurs to those pros that make photography into an art or business. The first … [Read more...]

Samsung Digital Camera Review Round-up: Careful Innovation

The Samsung ST550 camera

South Korean electronics giant Samsung is at the forefront of the smartphone wars with Apple, and some common reasoning would say that delving into the camera would actually provide internal competition to its well-known Galaxy. Smartphones and tablets are being marketed today as “all-in-one” devices, and quality of their cameras is decent to say the least, especially when you incorporate so many functions into one device. However, it’s still … [Read more...]

Fujifilm Digital Camera Reviews – Versatility over Quality

Fujifilm Finepix S4200, refurbished in red

Fujifilm is quite a strange bird in the digital camera market. This well-known Japanese manufacturer surely animates the market by understanding it cannot go head on in a full image quality battle with rivals such as Canon, Sony or Nikon. So it tries to fill the niches, especially price-wise, that aren’t covered by these; and particularly in the last few years they’ve concentrated on superzoom bridge cameras and mirrorless compact system cameras, … [Read more...]

10 Awesome Digital Camera Reviews 2015 Roundup

The Nikon D810 camera model

Until now, 2015 has proven to be an amazing year in the photo-video industry. Reputed brands such as Nikon, Canon, Samsung, Sony or Olympus have yet again stepped up the game and blessed us with some super cool digital cameras that you have to check out. That is exactly why we have decided to put together our pick of the crop and present just 10 awesome digital camera reviews 2015 of the total we like best. Our selection includes digital cameras … [Read more...]

Digital SLR Camera Reviews – Canon and Nikon Side by Side

Canon EOS 600D

It’s been more than a decade since digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras have entered in prominence, and to date they are still the most sought after interchangeable lens cameras on the market. Before delving into why DSLRs are better than your normal compact camera, you should know that they are mostly catered towards people that already have some degree of experience with digital cameras. The most important feature of DSLRs is the fact … [Read more...]

What’s the Best Point and Shoot Digital Camera for a Beginner? (2015)

The Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX7

It’s easy to find the most appropriate camera you should use, nowadays, with the variety of models available and the improvements that show up almost on a monthly basis. It’s even easier to find a suitable camera for your needs if you’re a photography beginner planning to slowly advance to the use of more complicated photography functions, or if you have limited needs and don’t plan to advance to more complicated techniques whatsoever. There’s no … [Read more...]

How to Choose the Best Digital SLR Camera in 2015

The Canon EOS 7D Mark II

Since 2013, the niche for DSLR cameras has expanded beyond the professional photographers and more towards the amateur consumers looking to take better quality photos, to learn more about photography and to eventually transition to a pro themselves. If you’re not really a complete beginner anymore, but you would hesitate to call yourself a pro-level knowledgeable photographer just yet, then investing in an entry-level DSLR may be just the thing … [Read more...]

The Best Video Camera: An Extensive 2015 Guide

The Canon Ixus 150, in red and grey

Finding the right camera for yourself these days is as much a chore as it is akin to soul-searching. There are so many different versions, with a plethora of specs, strengths and weaknesses to consider, that you might find yourself lost within them and just cave in to the best-looking model. In truth, different camera types are made for different uses, and it’s only up to you in what you’re searching for. Some people might want a compact, … [Read more...]

The Best Digital Camera for Kids in 2015

The VTech Kidizoom in pink

In this day and age, you are going to find many who argue the fact that technology is slowly ruining childhoods. With a lot of kids more entrenched every day into their videogame consoles or smartphones or tablets, these devices can quickly capture all of their attention, and keep them from enjoying old-time outdoor distractions. But technological advancement does have its upsides, and such devices can easily be used for multilaterally … [Read more...]