Pentax 645Z Review – Specs, Build, and Performance

Pentax 645Z body only

The Pentax 645Z is one of the most affordable medium format DSLR cameras available. With a powerful sensor and its tiltable LCD display, it’s the perfect fit for virtually any shooting environment. The camera also is also weather and dust sealed for added durability as well. This article is going to serve as a Pentax 645Z review that will cover several important elements including specs, button layout, as well as sensor and resolution … [Read more...]

Nikon D610 Review: Specs, Photo and Video Capabilities

Nikon D610 DSLR

The Nikon D610 came quickly on the heels of its predecessor, the D600, in an attempt to resolve an issue with the prior model’s shutter mechanism. Some users discovered that oil would collect on the D600’s sensor, resulting in spots within the frame. While the D610’s main objective is to clear up this issue, it does offer up new features, which this Nikon D610 review will dive into later. In the meantime, stick around for our full Nikon D610 … [Read more...]

Nikon D7200 Review: Features and Performance

Nikon D7200 product photo

One of the standout contenders on the enthusiast-level playing field is the Nikon D7200. While fighting for recognition in an otherwise crowded photography world, this particular model is worth a good amount of consideration. The D7200 is able to keep up with the best of them and far outweighs the features and capabilities of the Canon Rebel series or other comparable units. Stay tuned for our Nikon D7200 review and learn all there is to know … [Read more...]

Nikon D3400 Review: Pros, Cons, and Performance

Nikon D3400 SLR camera

One of the shining stars in Nikon’s entry-level line is the Nikon D3400. Although a basic model overall, it’s an excellent option for those looking to get into DSLR photography and one that offers users the ability to grow as they refine their skills. With the priority put on a lightweight and sleek design, this camera works beautifully for any enthusiast’s casual use. Stick around for our Nikon D3400 review to learn more about the pros, cons, … [Read more...]

Nikon D5100 Review: Top Features, Pros, and Cons

Nikon D5100 front view

One of the better DSLRs available that is aimed specifically at enthusiast photographers is the Nikon D5100. More advanced than the beginner’s D3100 but not entirely able to compete with the professional-level D7000, the D5100 is nevertheless a solid choice for the intermediate user. If you’ve been looking to get your hands on a great camera that’s able to rise to the occasion, stay tuned for our Nikon D5100 review below and see if this unit … [Read more...]

Lytro Illum Review: The Camera that Creates Living Pictures

Lytro Illum product photo

The groundbreaking design of the Lytro Illum introduces a new way in which to capture those special moments in everyday life. While the first-generation Lytro Light Field camera was certainly unique and fun to use, it was oddly shaped and hard to handle, not quite up to par in general, and more or less a novelty item. Although not a replacement for a DSLR by any means, the Lytro Illum, however, makes a clear statement on where the future of … [Read more...]

Canon 60D Review: Specs, Ups and Downs

Canon 60D with 18-135mm lens

The Canon 60D is an 18.1 megapixels, entry level prosumer, digital single lens reflex (DSLR) camera launched in 2010. It has an improved battery life and a better sensor resolution compared to its predecessor Canon 50D. Packed with an excellent ISO performance, it has an average startup time and good mode switching times. Keep reading Canon 60D review to know more about its specifications, performance, features, display and pricing. Canon 60D … [Read more...]

Nikon D5500 Review: Features, Capabilities, Pros and Cons

Nikon D5500 front

Any of the cameras within Nikon’s D5000 line have always been considered reliable options for photographers in search of that perfect entry-level DSLR — the Nikon D5500 is no different. Perhaps you still consider yourself a beginner but feel ready to try out some of the more advanced techniques; this camera will help you do that. While the Nikon D5300, the D5500’s predecessor, certainly hit the mark in most areas, Nikon came back even stronger … [Read more...]

Canon 6D Review: Specs, Ups and Downs

Canon 6D SLR body

There are many different important factors that go into picking the perfect camera. You have to consider the ISO settings, the types of lenses that are supported, the overall budget, and important features like audio jacks and more. One camera choice worth considering is the Canon 6D. This article is going to serve as a Canon 6D review that will cover a wide range of important features like the specs, overall build, video capability, and … [Read more...]

Nikon D810 Review: Features, Performance, Pros and Cons

Nikon D810 DSLR camera

The Nikon D810 is a widely popular camera often chosen for the crystal clarity of the images and the color capturability. This Nikon D810 review covers the basics of the camera. Reading this will help you learn more about the camera itself, what others are saying about it, and how you can get the most for your money. Nikon D810 Specs Detachable flash. Full HD 1080p Video. 5 fps Shooting at Full Resolution. 36.3MP FX-Format CMOS … [Read more...]