Nikon D4S Review: Pros, Cons, and Best Features

Nikon D4S with lens

The frontrunner of the Nikon world has long been the D4 line, which introduced Nikon’s first professional-level DSLR. Similar in overall function to its predecessor, the Nikon D4S takes photography to the next level, bringing together the best features of the D4 and expanding into uncharted territory with its improved autofocus system, faster speed, better performance, and even more satisfying ISO range. Check out our review of the pros, cons, … [Read more...]

Nikon D5200 Review: Pros, Cons, and Performance

Nikon D5200 product photo

A lightweight camera geared toward advanced beginners, the Nikon D5200 is user-friendly and can be found at an affordable price. Maintaining an impressive amount of power within its compact body, the Nikon D5200 leaves its excellent predecessor, the Nikon D5100, in the dust. The few external controls and a clean on-screen interface make the camera especially easy for beginners to handle, resulting in an all-around enjoyable shooting experience. … [Read more...]

Canon 70D Review: Pros, Cons, Performance, and Top Features

Canon 70D DSLR camera

A mid-range DSLR aimed toward enthusiasts, the Canon EOS 70D features groundbreaking technology in the form of Canon’s intuitive Dual Pixel CMOS AF system, which this Canon 70D review will explore in finer detail. Replacing its predecessor, the Canon 60D, the camera has various enhancements that give videographers professional-level video quality and provide still shooters with exquisite images. The Canon EOS 70D is also perfect for those … [Read more...]

Nikon D7100 Review: Pros, Cons, Performance, and Top Features

Nikon D7100 SLR camera

When the enthusiast-oriented Nikon D7100 was released, a decent upgrade from the Nikon D7000, it flew off the shelves — several years later, it still holds up as one of the favorite DSLRs of the APS-C lineup. Its incredibly accurate autofocus, high ISO abilities, and excellent build quality make this camera a solid option for any serious photographer. Check out some of the features, pros, cons, and specs of the Nikon D7100, and decide whether it … [Read more...]

Canon SL1 Rebel Review: A Powerful DSLR

Canon SL1 Rebel SLR

The Rebel line of Canon DSLRs have a well-earned reputation as a line consisting of beginner-friendly cameras, and the Canon SL1 Rebel is no different. Ultra-lightweight for a DSLR, the Canon SL1 maintains a compact body while still offering typical features, such as an optical viewfinder, built-in flash, and an 18MP APS-C CMOS sensor, making it the perfect choice for any hobbyist. Take a look at some of the features, pros, cons, and specs of the … [Read more...]

Canon G16 Review: A Powershot Camera for Everyone

Canon G16 with built-in Wi-Fi

The Canon G16 is nearly identical to its predecessor, the G15, in both shape and function; instead, the differences are obvious where they count most — under the hood. With the addition of Wi-Fi capabilities and an innovative image processor that improves burst shooting speed and improves the overall video quality, the Canon G16 is a solid choice for all enthusiasts. Although not necessarily the best bang for the buck, for those desiring a longer … [Read more...]

Canon 5D Mark IV Review: Pros, Cons, and Comparisons

Canon 5D Mark IV

Reaching even higher heights in this latest reincarnation, the long-running and much-loved Canon 5D series has received new life in the form of the incredible Mark IV. Despite looking almost identical to its predecessor, the Canon 5D Mark IV has received many upgrades, boasting a wide variety of sought-after features. The value and versatility found within this particular camera have allowed it to become a favorite amongst enthusiasts and … [Read more...]

Canon EOS 7D Mark II – Best Digital SLR Expert Camera in 2015

back and front view of Canon EOS 7d Mark II

Canon EOS 7D Mark II comes in a line of record-breaking products - the iconic EOS 7D. Endorsed with a TIPA Award for Best Digital SLR Expert camera in 2015, which is one of the most prestigious accolades for photo & imaging products in the world of photography today, the device is unbeatable in its category. With specs that appeal to photographers who know what a DSLR is capable of delivering, the 20.2MP APS-C CMOS sensor in the Canon EOS 7D … [Read more...]

Canon EOS Rebel T5i Review

Canon EOS Rebel T5i Review

If you are ready to make the move to professional photography, Canon EOS Rebel T5i DSLR is a solid choice. Its comprehensive interface and quick speed allow shooting with ease. Also, you can expand your creativity and photographic experience with some cutting-edge imaging features. Is it a winner in the novice-oriented class? Find out all its good and bads in our Canon EOS Rebel T5i review. Canon EOS Rebel T5i Review: T4i Technology … [Read more...]

Nikon D3300 Review: Your Best-Buy Entry-Level HDSLR Camera

Nikon D3300 Review

In 2014, Nikon, one of the most renown camera gear manufacturers today, expanded their line of entry-level DSLRs. It was about time to include the Nikon D3300 in our series of Nikon camera reviews and recommendations. The camera is ideal for hobbyists who wish to upgrade their photo experience, as well for those new to digital photography.  Nikon D3300 Review: Best Choice for Beginners Name: Nikon D3300 DSLR 24.2 MP HD 1080p Type: … [Read more...]