Nikon D3000 Review – Specs, Build, and Performance

Nikon D3000 DSLR with lens

The release of the Nikon D3000 ushered in a new way to make capturing stellar images easy and accessible for everyone. As you will find out through this Nikon D3000 review, this no-frills camera is the perfect choice for beginners looking to break into the DSLR world. With its helpful Guide mode, newbie photographers will be pleasantly surprised by the camera’s ease of use. Be sure to stay tuned for our Nikon D3000 review to learn about the … [Read more...]

Sony A7 Review – Specs, Photo and Video Capabilities

Sony A7 Full Frame

The following Sony A7 review is going to show off the various highlights and features of this excellent full-frame mirrorless camera. The A7 was released in combination with the Sony A7R — since they are identical in their outer shell, the differences between these two cameras are few. A slight trade-off is made in regard to the sensor, which results in the huge plus of affordability. Stick around for our Sony A7 review to get a better handle on … [Read more...]

Nikon D7000 Review – Specs and Performance

Nikon D7000 DSLR

In this Nikon D7000 review, we’re going to take a look at the specs, features, performance, and more of this exquisite camera. The Nikon D7000 was designed with the enthusiast photographer in mind. Featuring a few semi-professional elements, such as the dual memory card slot, this camera is perfect for users who need something they can count on. Stick around for the following Nikon D7000 review to learn all there is to know. Nikon D7000 … [Read more...]

Canon T5 Review – Features and Performance

Canon T5 body

The Canon EOS Rebel T5, also known as the Canon EOS 1200D, was released as a replacement for the preceding Canon EOS Rebel T3. As you will learn in the following Canon T5 review, this unit performs nicely while serving its function as an entry-level DSLR. The feature set offered up is one of the no-frills variety, so for beginners who want to simply point-and-shoot, this camera is an excellent choice. Check out our Canon T5 review to learn about … [Read more...]

Pentax K3 Review – Specs, Build, and Performance

Pentax K-3 body

For years Pentax (now owned by Ricoh) has been the underdog within the DSLR world, never quite getting the recognition it deserves. Pentax’s loyal following, however, has kept the brand going strong, as you will see in this Pentax K3 review. Packed with features and an autofocus system that is hard to beat, the K3 gives the major players, like Canon and Nikon, something to worry about. Stick around for our Pentax K3 review to learn more about the … [Read more...]

Pentax K-50 Review – Features, Pros and Cons

Pentax K-50 body

The Pentax K-50 is remarkably similar to its predecessor, the Pentax K-30. Two of its main key differences worth mentioning is its improved ISO range and Eye-Fi compatibility. This Pentax K-50 review is going to look at all the technical elements of the camera and attempt to offer a final verdict regarding its shooting capabilities. Some of the sections we will cover include the specs, overall build, and available functions. Pentax K-50 … [Read more...]

Canon T6i Review – Features and Performance

Canon T6i body and lens

In this Canon T6i review, we’re going to take an overall look at the specifics of this incredible consumer-friendly DSLR. Canon decided to release the T6i alongside the T6, providing many of the same features but at a significantly lower price. For consumers who need to stick to a budget but also want access to advanced options, the T6i offers a good alternative to an otherwise more expensive enthusiast DSLR. Stick around for our Canon T6i review … [Read more...]

Nikon D500 Review – Features, Ups and Downs

Nikon D500 SLR

In this Nikon D500 review, we’re going to take a look at some of the features, specs, pros, and cons of the D500. This DSLR’s claim to fame is its impressive 153-point autofocus system and its rapid shooting capability. Aimed at professional photographers in search of a lightweight camera with a sleek footprint, the D500 is a model that will not disappoint. Check out our Nikon D500 review to learn all there is to know. Nikon D500 … [Read more...]

Pentax K-1 Review – Specs, Photo and Video Capabilities

Pentax K-1 rear view

Pentax’s release of their first full-frame DSLR, the Pentax K-1, offers up an intriguing option to woo any enthusiast photographer. As you will see later on in this Pentax K-1 review, this camera includes a host of top-notch features and incredible specs. With features, specs, and more combined, the Pentax K-1 is a stellar option that is certainly worth the price tag. Stay tuned for our Pentax K-1 review to learn more about this great … [Read more...]

Nikon D600 Review: Features and Performance

Nikon D600 body

Nikon broke the mold with the release of its mid-priced full-frame camera, the D600. Aimed at both intermediate users and professionals, as you’ll see in our Nikon D600 review, this unit offers up the perfect balance between functionality and accessibility with a price that won’t bleed you dry compared to the competition. For more information on the camera’s specs, features, and performance, stick around for our Nikon D600 review. Nikon D600 … [Read more...]