Buying A Digicam – All You Need to Know Beforehand

image of a digital camera

A digicam is a camera that stores images digitally. Basically, every camera we see on the market today is a digicam, because the film era has come to an end for some time now. The greatest advantage of digital cameras is that it shoots pictures in an inexpensive way. You don’t need to worry about buying a roll of film every time you want to use it, and you can also skip the developing process. It also works a lot faster, because there’s no film … [Read more...]

What is Lightroom and Why You Need It

what is lightroom good for - organize images

What is Lightroom and why the big fuss around it? Many photographers prefer to use Photoshop and may not be fully aware of the benefits that Adobe Lightroom has to offer. This is why we will explain what the software is used for and the many reasons why you must consider using it. What is Lightroom? Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, as it is officially named, is a photo editing and image manager developed by the same company that created the … [Read more...]

Photoshop Face Swap – How to Replace Faces in PS

photoshop face swap using selection

Photoshop face swap is your salvation when you or someone else has managed to ruin a perfectly fine group photo. As much as we try to smile and keep our eyes open when we take a family photo or a group picture with our school or work colleagues, “accidents” can happen. Don’t worry about being the only who doesn’t fit the image just right, because there are ways to trick the viewer. Photoshop is a world-renowned photo editing software that can … [Read more...]

The Highs, the Lows and the Relevance of the Nikon d810

Nikon d810 with closed shutter

The Nikon d810 digital SLR camera has survived its commercial baptism of fire with flying colors, and with a 2015 TIPA award for Best Digital SRL Professional under its belt, is ready for the assault on maturity in a diverse and competitive market. Does it have what it takes to satisfy the ascending expectations of a sophisticated public? Find out from this d810 review, which aims to encompass the product’s intrinsic qualities versus the many … [Read more...]