Nikon D800 Review – Specs, Photo and Video Capabilities

Nikon D800 body

Nikon started a revolution with the release of its D800, a full-frame DSLR that raised the bar in terms of image performance, dynamic range, and color sensitivity. While comparable to the D3X, get all of the quality within a sleeker frame and at a fraction of the cost. This is a great all-around camera, designed with portraits and studio work in mind, perfect for a wide range of photographers. Stay tuned for our Nikon D800 review to learn all … [Read more...]

Nikon D60 Review – Specs, Photo and Video Capabilities

Nikon D60 LCD

In this Nikon D60 review, we’re going to go in-depth about the camera’s specs, performance, and capabilities. The D60 is an entry-level unit that’s perfect for any photographer who is just starting out or making the jump to a DSLR. This camera is also a treat for those coming from a point-and-shoot. Even more advanced photographers tend to like this camera for casual shooting. Check out our Nikon D60 review to learn everything there is to … [Read more...]

Nikon D5 Review – Top Features, Photo and Video Capabilities

Nikon D5 body

For all of the serious photographers out there, Nikon and Canon are the two most popular names on the market. In this Nikon D5 review, we’re going to take a close look at what makes this particular camera the top-tier model that it is. If your budget isn’t ready to extend quite as far as is necessary, perhaps the D5 might not be the best choice. Check out our Nikon D5 review to learn everything there is to know. Nikon D5 Specs 20.8MP … [Read more...]

Canon EOS Rebel T5 Review – Specs, Build, and Performance

Canon EOS Rebel T5 DSLR body and lens

The Canon EOS Rebel T5 is your basic no-frills camera in terms of features. A solid entry-level DSLR, the T5 is perfect for those looking to branch out from a traditional point-and-shoot. Some advanced features are left off to keep the price low but the image quality, versatility, and level of control help in justifying this necessary trade-off. Stick around for our Canon EOS Rebel T5 review to find out more about the specs, build, and … [Read more...]

Nikon D700 Review – Specs, Photo and Video Capabilities

Nikon D700 and lens

The Nikon D700 marks a milestone for the brand. It’s the first truly compact professional grade SLR from Nikon. The camera takes the overall power of Nikon’s top of the line models and packs it into a much smaller package. But such a big leap can come with some important points to consider before buying. In the following article we’ll examine the camera’s most important features. And in particular we’ll look at hardware design and overall … [Read more...]

Canon Rebel T3i Review – Specs, Photo and Video Capabilities

Canon Rebel T3i DSLR

The Canon Rebel T3i is a solid midrange DSLR that offers up a nice set of features at a reasonable price. Although perhaps slightly more appealing to videographers than photographers, this camera is a basic one but a worthy choice nonetheless. If you’re looking to upgrade from the T2i, consider the T3i’s articulating LCD monitor — a definite plus. Stick around for our Canon Rebel T3i review to learn about the specs, quality, performance, and … [Read more...]

Nikon D3000 Review – Specs, Build, and Performance

Nikon D3000 DSLR with lens

The release of the Nikon D3000 ushered in a new way to make capturing stellar images easy and accessible for everyone. As you will find out through this Nikon D3000 review, this no-frills camera is the perfect choice for beginners looking to break into the DSLR world. With its helpful Guide mode, newbie photographers will be pleasantly surprised by the camera’s ease of use. Be sure to stay tuned for our Nikon D3000 review to learn about the … [Read more...]

Sony A7 Review – Specs, Photo and Video Capabilities

Sony A7 Full Frame

The following Sony A7 review is going to show off the various highlights and features of this excellent full-frame mirrorless camera. The A7 was released in combination with the Sony A7R — since they are identical in their outer shell, the differences between these two cameras are few. A slight trade-off is made in regard to the sensor, which results in the huge plus of affordability. Stick around for our Sony A7 review to get a better handle on … [Read more...]

Nikon D7000 Review – Specs and Performance

Nikon D7000 DSLR

In this Nikon D7000 review, we’re going to take a look at the specs, features, performance, and more of this exquisite camera. The Nikon D7000 was designed with the enthusiast photographer in mind. Featuring a few semi-professional elements, such as the dual memory card slot, this camera is perfect for users who need something they can count on. Stick around for the following Nikon D7000 review to learn all there is to know. Nikon D7000 … [Read more...]

Canon T5 Review – Features and Performance

Canon T5 body

The Canon EOS Rebel T5, also known as the Canon EOS 1200D, was released as a replacement for the preceding Canon EOS Rebel T3. As you will learn in the following Canon T5 review, this unit performs nicely while serving its function as an entry-level DSLR. The feature set offered up is one of the no-frills variety, so for beginners who want to simply point-and-shoot, this camera is an excellent choice. Check out our Canon T5 review to learn about … [Read more...]