Top 6 Lightroom Plugins for Stunning Editing

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Lightroom plugins are a great way to add a new look to your photographs. The internet is filled with unique presets that give the images pretty much any effect you might want, from a more professional appearance to a dreamy feel. Free or available for a few bucks, they will give your work an extra special look that would otherwise be quite difficult to achieve. Lightroom plugins provide an additional functionality to the program, which is why … [Read more...]

How to Capture Seascapes – 6 Tips (and More)

bicheno seascape scenic beach rocks

Seascapes have always been a favorite subject for all photographers. A seascape can be defined as being a combination of land, coastline, and sea. The seashore, the coastline, and even the oceanfront, there’s no limitation to what you can capture on camera as long as you’re in the right spot. As with similar types of photography, such as landscape or cityscape, you must be patient and observant.  You can’t control nature, but you can keep an … [Read more...]

Buying A Digicam – All You Need to Know Beforehand

image of a digital camera

A digicam is a camera that stores images digitally. Basically, every camera we see on the market today is a digicam, because the film era has come to an end for some time now. The greatest advantage of digital cameras is that it shoots pictures in an inexpensive way. You don’t need to worry about buying a roll of film every time you want to use it, and you can also skip the developing process. It also works a lot faster, because there’s no film … [Read more...]

What is Lightroom and Why You Need It

what is lightroom good for - organize images

What is Lightroom and why the big fuss around it? Many photographers prefer to use Photoshop and may not be fully aware of the benefits that Adobe Lightroom has to offer. This is why we will explain what the software is used for and the many reasons why you must consider using it. What is Lightroom? Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, as it is officially named, is a photo editing and image manager developed by the same company that created the … [Read more...]

What Is Telephoto Lens and How to Make the Most of It

telephoto lens

A telephoto lens enlarges things – everybody knows this. Most people believe that these lenses can only be used for photographing distant objects. It is, indeed the primary use for a telephoto lens, but you have a whole range of different possibilities. What Is a Telephoto Lens? A telephoto lens is a particular type of long-focus lens where the physical length is shorter than the focal length of the lens. This is enabled by incorporating … [Read more...]

How to Choose a Fisheye Camera for Any Situation

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What’s more fun than a fisheye camera? In terms of photography, you probably won’t find anything more entertaining than taking portraits with a fisheye lens. Some professional photographers hate the distortion they create, but that’s actually the whole charm of them. If you’re a young individual looking to take awesome, amusing photographs, then, by all means, do read our advice on how to pick the best fisheye camera for your needs. Why … [Read more...]

Cityscapes Photography – 10 Basic Tips You Need to Know

new york city skyline

Cityscapes are the urban equivalent of natural landscapes. In visual arts such as photography, a cityscape is an artistic representation of the city’s physical aspects. This type of photography can be just as rewarding as capturing landscapes on camera. Not everyone lives close to natural wonders, but that’s no reason not to go out and explore your city. Skyscrapers, historic architecture, people of all cultures, these are all great subjects … [Read more...]

How to Merge Two Photos in Photoshop

How to Merge Two Photos in Photoshop

We’ll show you how to merge two photos in Photoshop and create a single, beautiful image. Thanks to the advances in technology, we don’t have to worry about not being able to capture everything we want in just one photograph. Software such as Adobe Photoshop enables us to blend multiple pictures into a single one containing all elements that we need in our image. Does it seem hard? Because it isn’t. Combining several images is easy, and the … [Read more...]

Masking in Photoshop – A Beginner’s Guide to Masks

1_after masking in photoshop

Masking in Photoshop is one of the most important skills you must learn if you want to go big. Understanding how masks work and how to use them will get you from being a beginner to a pro photo editor. Best thing about it? You can perform non-destructive actions and go back to your original image anytime. Masking in Photoshop is a fairly complex process and can become time-consuming. But once you learn the basics, applying this technique will … [Read more...]

Photoshop Overlays – How To Upgrade Your Photos

photoshop haze before and after

Photoshop overlays are about adding texture to your photographs. The technique of applying textures to images was actually a common practice way before the invention of Photoshop. In the good ol’ days of film photography, we might have observed photographers staining or scratching their pictures with various substances and materials. This was done to give the photographs that little extra something to set them apart. Back to our digital age, … [Read more...]