8 Steps for An Easy DIY Photo Booth Project (Beginnerproof)

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Photography is a fun hobby that can result in memories being captured for generations to come. During events like weddings, a photo booth can be a great way to capture images of all your guests. Without having to spend hundreds of dollars on hiring a professional photo booth, you can end up saving all that money by doing it yourself. A DIY photo booth project can be a fun way for you to express your creativity and bond with friends or family … [Read more...]

Beginner’s Guide to Portrait Photography: 5 Tips and Tools

portrait of a readheaded woman

Portrait photography can be a fun hobby. You get to work with a variety of different people while expressing your creative side, and with enough practice, you may even be able to build a successful photography business. Here are 5 tips to help you get started in portrait photography, as well as some useful tools for creating gorgeous photographs. 5 Most Useful Portrait Photography Tips 1. Get to know your subject If you are photographing a … [Read more...]

How to Take a Selfie Like a Pro: 5 Photography Tips to Apply

woman taking a selfie using a selfie stick

The selfie is a modern art form that has quickly become the go-to photography technique for travelers, foodies, and fashionistas all over the world. However, figuring out how to take a selfie in the best way, and therefore show yourself in the best light, can be a challenge, and a poorly taken one can lead to double chins, dark shadows, and unflattering angles. You might think you knew how to take a selfie before, but with a few simple tips that … [Read more...]

Forensic Photography – Are You Cut Out for It

crime scene photographer and two investigators

Forensic photography is an extremely rewarding field of photography that presents accidents and crime scenes. These photographs are a key part of police records. For this reason, photographers who wish to follow this field of photography must possess a high professional standing and strong ethics. In this article, we are going to expand the subject of forensic photography and help you figure out how to become a crime scene photographer … [Read more...]

Top 6 Lightroom Plugins for Stunning Editing

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Lightroom plugins are a great way to add a new look to your photographs. The internet is filled with unique presets that give the images pretty much any effect you might want, from a more professional appearance to a dreamy feel. Free or available for a few bucks, they will give your work an extra special look that would otherwise be quite difficult to achieve. Lightroom plugins provide an additional functionality to the program, which is why … [Read more...]

How to Capture Seascapes – 6 Tips (and More)

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Seascapes have always been a favorite subject for all photographers. A seascape can be defined as being a combination of land, coastline, and sea. The seashore, the coastline, and even the oceanfront, there’s no limitation to what you can capture on camera as long as you’re in the right spot. As with similar types of photography, such as landscape or cityscape, you must be patient and observant.  You can’t control nature, but you can keep an … [Read more...]

Buying A Digicam – All You Need to Know Beforehand

image of a digital camera

A digicam is a camera that stores images digitally. Basically, every camera we see on the market today is a digicam, because the film era has come to an end for some time now. The greatest advantage of digital cameras is that it shoots pictures in an inexpensive way. You don’t need to worry about buying a roll of film every time you want to use it, and you can also skip the developing process. It also works a lot faster, because there’s no film … [Read more...]

What is Lightroom and Why You Need It

what is lightroom good for - organize images

What is Lightroom and why the big fuss around it? Many photographers prefer to use Photoshop and may not be fully aware of the benefits that Adobe Lightroom has to offer. This is why we will explain what the software is used for and the many reasons why you must consider using it. What is Lightroom? Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, as it is officially named, is a photo editing and image manager developed by the same company that created the … [Read more...]

What Is Telephoto Lens and How to Make the Most of It

telephoto lens

A telephoto lens enlarges things – everybody knows this. Most people believe that these lenses can only be used for photographing distant objects. It is, indeed the primary use for a telephoto lens, but you have a whole range of different possibilities. What Is a Telephoto Lens? A telephoto lens is a particular type of long-focus lens where the physical length is shorter than the focal length of the lens. This is enabled by incorporating … [Read more...]

How to Choose a Fisheye Camera for Any Situation

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What’s more fun than a fisheye camera? In terms of photography, you probably won’t find anything more entertaining than taking portraits with a fisheye lens. Some professional photographers hate the distortion they create, but that’s actually the whole charm of them. If you’re a young individual looking to take awesome, amusing photographs, then, by all means, do read our advice on how to pick the best fisheye camera for your needs. Why … [Read more...]